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Setting a Strong Benchmark in DME Eligibility Verification

Unique capability of delivering best in class support in both pre and post DME billing, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a complete RCM destination. As a 100% HIPAA compliant company, we have currently serving more than 100 clients, take pride in having DME companies across jurisdictions with versatility across all billing systems.

Unlike any other DME billing company, we offer task specific support in DME eligibility verification, prior authorization and a lot of front end activities which includes doctor’s office follow-ups , getting in touch with the patients which sets the tone for a complete RCM approach in best proportions.

We deliver understanding your protocols; offer you a seamless transition approach for developing a detailed process manual that will be followed during the partnership. The reason we believe in working as your reliable operational extension and give you a perfect foundation for improving your cash flow. Our out of the box ability in offering tailored support in pre and post DME revenue cycle management needs is going to set a strong benchmark for quick reimbursements lowering your billing costs by 80%.

Pre-billing Services:

  • Eligibility Verification - Online & Calling (with same & similar check for Medicare)

  • Authorization Initiation - Online & Calling

  • Doctor’s Office Follow-up for documents etc

  • Re-Authorization

  • Order Entry (Patient, Provider, Insurance, Item etc)

  • Order Confirmation

  • Scheduling of Delivery

Post-billing Services:

  • Creation of Claims

  • Claims Submission

  • Claim Rejection Management

  • Payment Posting - Auto & Manual

  • Accounts Receivable & Denial Management

Also, we have extended our scope of work in following activities:

  • CPAP User Compliance tracking and support

  • Patient Collections

  • Re-supply processing

  • Hold projects (CMN/PAR etc.)

  • Fax / documentation indexing and management support

Leverage the Sunknowledge action plan for a complete DME pre and post billing approach that will transpire to better collections. We are currently working with the largest DME company in the east coast. Our competence in delivering stand out support is unique in the marketplace. Almost 50% of our current business involves working with start-up/ mid level/ top tier DMEPOS companies

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